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GTA 6 Release Date Leaks & Rumors - Everything Confirmed & Debunked

Grand Theft Auto 6 is highly anticipated, but Rockstar Games must still share its release date. This leads to rumors, leaks, and guesses filling the internet as fans eagerly await the game's first official reveal.

Jan 25, 202441 Shares1.9K Views
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GTA 6 Release Date Leaks & Rumors - Everything Confirmed & Debunked

Grand Theft Auto 6 is highly anticipated, but Rockstar Games must still share its release date. This leads to rumors, leaks, and guesses filling the internet as fans eagerly await the game's first official reveal.

Some release date ideas make sense, while others are random guesses.

Revealing a Game's Release Date

Revealing a game's release date can be challenging because it sets a strict timeline for not just the developers but also investors, shareholders, and eager players. In the past, Rockstar Games faced criticism for overworking developers on games like Red Dead Redemption 2 to meet deadlines.

Regarding GTA 6, another crucial factor to consider for its release date is relatively straightforward:

The game has yet to even release an official trailer, indicating it might still be a long way from being available in stores. However, some information suggests the game might have an internal release date. Still, many wild rumors and leaks may need to be more reliable.

GTA 6 Release Rumor

A rather improbable rumor concerning the release date of GTA 6 emerged in September. It claimed that a trailer for the game would drop in October 2023, with the game launching in October 2024. This rumor was linked to allege voice notes from Take-Two's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, which supposedly confirmed the October reveal.

However, many fans quickly cast doubt on this "leak," raising several concerns indicating that AI might have generated the audio.

One significant red flag from the audio was Zelnick referring to the game as "GTA I-V" instead of the more commonly used "GTA 6." There also needed to be more clarity about whether the audio mentioned the game's launch in October 2024 or October 24, 2023. However, the latter seemed even less plausible. Interestingly, the audio clips received copyright strikes, typically indicating some level of authenticity.

Nevertheless, the prevailing opinion is that these audio clips were likely created by fans rather than official sources.

Many fans are holding onto hope for a GTA 6 announcement, and one strong reason for their optimism is the time of year. Rockstar has a history of making significant announcements in October, with GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 being unveiled this month.

Adding to this speculation was that earlier in the month, fans observed that Rockstar still needed to pin a tweet for October, which the team typically does relatively early. This absence of a pinned tweet has fueled anticipation among the fan base.

GTA 6 Teaser Trailer Or Release Date

Fans experienced a wave of disappointment when Rockstar pinned a tweet about its Halloween Horrors GTA Online event on October 5. However, as of now, that tweet has yet to be unpinned, with no replacement yet.

Despite the uncertainty, many hopeful fans are still waiting with anticipation, hoping for a teaser trailer or even a full release date announcement for GTA 6 sometime this October in 2023.

Is it possible?

It remains a possibility, given that Rockstar typically makes game announcements toward the end of October.

Hunt For GTA 6 Clues

It's been a decade since the release of GTA 5 and five years since Red Dead Redemption 2 hit the shelves. As a result, hopes for even the slightest tidbit of information about GTA 6 have reached a fever pitch.

Consequently, many internet detectives are meticulously combing through Rockstar's job listings, social media accounts, and even official artwork in search of any hint regarding the game's potential release date. User MJ Hernandez has made a claim about finding a clue in the Halloween Horrors tweet, suggesting that the artwork contains Roman numerals representing six.

While a considerable portion of the GTA 6 community might be engaging in playful teasing by this point, it's also within the realm of possibility that the Rockstar team is intentionally dropping subtle hints related to GTA 6 to keep fans engaged and excited.

This assertion lacks substantial evidence, and the artwork has no hidden release date. Still, it has undoubtedly boosted fans' optimism for a potential update in October 2023.

Take-Two's 2025 Statement

The most concrete evidence regarding GTA 6's release date comes directly from Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar's parent company. In a May 2023 press release that focused on the years 2024 and beyond, the company stated:

"In Fiscal 2025, we expect to enter this new era by launching several groundbreaking titles that we believe will set new standards in our industry and enable us to achieve over $8 billion in Net Bookings and over $1 billion in Adjusted Unrestricted Operating Cash Flow. We expect to sustain this momentum by delivering even higher operating results in Fiscal 2026 and beyond."

Breaking this statement down, Take-Two anticipates a highly profitable 2024-2025, which suggests it might be the internal release window for GTA 6. However, it's worth noting that the statement doesn't mention any specific game titles and references "several" titles, likely encompassing various releases under the Take-Two umbrella during 2024/2025.

Still, aiming for "over $8 billion in Net Bookings" is an ambitious goal, which could be achievable with the release of the next installment in one of the most financially successful game series ever. Until then, fans must exercise patience as they await further updates.

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