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LoL URF Tier List 12.21 - Best URF Champions

Unlock the secrets of victory with our urf tier list! Dive into the ultimate guide for dominating the League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire mode. Discover the top picks, strategies, and must-know tips to elevate your gameplay.

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LoL URF Tier List 12.21 - Best URF Champions

URF Tier S Champions

URF Tier champions
URF Tier champions

In the chaotic frenzy of URF, speed and spam reign supreme. Tier S champions excel in this environment by abusing the mode's absurd cooldowns and mana reductions to their full potential. These champions share several key characteristics:

  • Unrelenting Aggression - They possess tools for constant pressure and snowballing leads. This can be through low-cooldown crowd control, high burst damage, or sustained DPS.
  • Ability Spammability- Their core abilities benefit immensely from reduced cooldowns, allowing them to dominate teamfights and objectives with relentless spellcasting.
  • Resource Independence - They don't rely heavily on mana or cooldown-dependent items, freeing them to build pure power or survivability without sacrificing their core strength.
  • Synergy With URF Items- Certain items become ridiculously broken in URF, and Tier S champions exploit them flawlessly.

Examples Of Tier S Champions

1. Hecarim -His relentless charge becomes a constant nightmare in URF, making him near-uncatchable and incredibly disruptive. His healing allows him to tank through anything, and his ultimate resets on takedowns, turning him into a snowballing monster.

2. Vayne -Her passive tumble becomes a constant dodge-machine, making her nigh-untouchable while shredding through armor with her silver bolts. Her ultimate allows her to kite entire teams while dealing devastating damage.

3. Malphite -His unstoppable ultimate paired with low-cooldown CC becomes a teamfight-winning nightmare. He can initiate, peel, and zone with terrifying efficiency, shutting down squishy carries and disrupting any organized play.

4. Tristana -Her spammable jump resets and absurd attack speed with Rage Blade grant her incredible mobility and dps. She melts objectives in seconds and her ultimate becomes a near-instantaneous global threat.

5. Annie -Her low-cooldown stun, poke, and global ultimate make her a constant threat anywhere on the map. Tibbers becomes an almost unkillable turret, and her burst damage can melt down enemies in milliseconds.

URF Tier A Champions

In the whirlwind of URF, Tier A champions aren't quite the unstoppable forces of Tier S, but they still pack a serious punch. They excel in specific situations or possess strengths that, while not as universally dominant as S Tier, make them valuable picks under the right circumstances. Here's what sets them apart:

  • Situational Dominance -They excel in specific team compositions or against certain team comps. Think Akali's assassin prowess against squishy mages or Janna's peel potential against dive comps.
  • Strong Scaling -They might have slow starts but become incredibly powerful as the game progresses. Kog'Maw's hyper-carry potential or Jax's unstoppable late-game splitpush are prime examples.
  • Utility and Playmaking -They may not have the raw power of Tier S, but their kit offers invaluable tools like crowd control, buffs, or zone control. Lulu's polymorphs can turn teamfights, while Zilean's chronoshifts can save allies or set up devastating plays.
  • URF-Enhanced Strengths -Certain abilities become surprisingly potent in URF, even if the champion isn't inherently broken. Nami's empowered E stuns become constant harass tools, while Fizz's ultimate resets can lead to endless trolling and objective steals.

Examples Of Tier A Champions

1. Fizz - His ultimate resets on takedowns can turn him into a slippery, kill-stealing menace. His E slow and playful kit allow for constant poking and annoying the enemy team. Focus on objectives and capitalize on resets to snowball your lead.

2. Jax -His late-game splitpushing with Divine Sunderer is nearly unstoppable in URF. He can duel anyone and take towers down in seconds. Play safe early, farm well, and then unleash your fury on the splitpush.

3. Janna -Her constant heals, shields, and disengage tools make her a nightmare for any dive composition. Her ultimate protects allies from CC and burst damage, turning teamfights in her favor.

4. Kog'Maw -He starts weak, but his absurd attack range, spammable abilities, and late-game hyper-carry potential make him a monster once he gets going. Careful positioning and mana management are crucial.

5. Akali -Her high mobility and burst damage make her a menace against squishy mages and carries. Her ultimate resets can lead to assassin chains, snowballing leads and securing kills.

Tier B Champions

Ah, Tier B - The land of champions who might not dominate every game, but still hold their own in the chaotic arena of URF. These versatile picks can surprise the S and A tier powerhouses with their adaptability and hidden strengths. Here's why you shouldn't underestimate the potential of a well-played Tier B champion:

  • Strategic Versatility- Unlike the more one-dimensional top tiers, Tier B champions shine in diverse compositions and against various team comps.
  • Hidden URF Synergies- Some abilities, seemingly unremarkable outside of URF, become surprisingly potent with the ultra-rapid cooldowns. Sona's constant auras and buffs become overwhelming, while Nasus's stacks grow at an alarming rate.
  • Skill Cap Champions- Some Tier B champions require more mechanical mastery to unleash their full potential, rewarding skilled players with devastating results.
  • Team Utility And Support- Not everyone needs to be a hyper-carry. Tier B champions like Thresh or Braum offer incredible peel and engage potential, setting up plays for their teammates to shine.

Examples Of Tier B Champions

1. Thresh -His CC chain becomes near-unbreakable in URF, allowing him to peel for carries, lock down targets, and secure kills. Master his hook-flay combo and use your utility to support your team to victory.

2. Nasus -His stacks grow at an alarming rate, turning him into a late-game monster. He can splitpush relentlessly, take down towers with ease, and even become a frontline threat in teamfights. Focus on stacking early and utilize your ultimate wisely.

3. Sona -Her constant auras and buffs become overwhelming in URF. Her ultimate spams can turn teamfights in an instant, while her poke and sustain become oppressive. Play around your team and maximize your buffs' impact.

4. Orianna -Her zone control with the ball and constant poke with low-cooldown abilities make her a menace. She can protect carries, siege objectives, and set up devastating teamfight combos.

5. Diana -Her spammable gap-closes and high burst damage make her a constant threat in teamfights. She can disrupt backlines, assassinate carries, and control objectives effectively.

URF Tier C Champions

Lol URF tier list
Lol URF tier list

In the exhilarating chaos of URF, every champion isn't destined for top-tier dominance. Tier C champions occupy the land of underdogs, those struggling to keep up with the absurd power level and demanding gameplay style. Here's what might hold back Tier C champions and how to make them work:

  • URF-Unfriendly Abilities - Some abilities, while strong in normal League, lose their shine in URF. Long cooldowns become excruciating, single-target spells feel insignificant in teamfights, and mana dependence becomes a crippling weakness. Think champions like Veigar whose ultimate becomes clunky or Illaoi whose isolated Q feels underwhelming.
  • Lack Of URF Synergy- Not all champion kits benefit from the URF madness. Champions dependent on strategic itemization, precise aiming, or slow scaling struggle to adjust. Imagine Jhin missing everything due to the chaotic pace or Zilean's slow playstyle getting trampled by hyper-carries.
  • Vulnerability To Top Tiers- Certain champions simply get demolished by Tier S and A bullies. Think squishy mages against Malphite's unstoppable ultimate or immobile carries facing Tristana's endless jumps.

Tier C Champion Examples

1. Yasuo -Master his flow state and animation cancels to deal insane damage, dodge skillshots with your E, and unleash unexpected ultimate engages to outplay your opponents.

2. Zilean -Use your Q and E aggressively to slow and debuff enemies, save allies with your chronoshift, and unleash surprise ultimate combos for clutch plays.

3. Teemo -Place shrooms everywhere, surprise enemies with your instant-cast ultimate, and laugh as they helplessly dance around your mushroomy mayhem.

4. Ziggs -Abuse your spammable bombs for relentless poke, zone out enemies with your ultimate, and rotate quickly to secure objectives with your AoE damage.

5. Nami -Spam your E for constant slows and harass, maximize your ultimate uptime for teamwide protection, and focus on peeling for and buffing your carries.

URF Tier D Champions

Ah, the depths of URF Tier D, where champions struggle to keep their heads above the swirling vortex of chaos. While they may not dominate the killstreaks or secure every objective, these underdogs deserve their moment in the spotlight. Here's why they face challenges, but also how to unleash their hidden potential:

  • URF-Averse Kits - Some champions simply don't click with URF's rapid-fire rhythm. Long cooldowns feel like an eternity, single-target abilities get lost in the crowd, and resource dependence becomes a crippling bottleneck.
  • Lack Of URF Synergy- Certain abilities, seemingly potent outside of URF, become underwhelming in the hyper-charged frenzy. Champions reliant on precise skillshots, intricate combos, or strategic positioning find themselves trampled by the relentless onslaught.
  • Vulnerability To Top Tiers- Let's be honest, some champions simply get bullied into oblivion by the S and A tier powerhouses. Imagine Singed's slow poison cloud getting obliterated by Malphite's unstoppable charge, or Gnar's squishy Mega form getting melted by Vayne's endless DPS.

Tier D Champions Examples

1. Zilean -Spam your Q and E for constant slows and harass, use your ultimate to save allies or set up clutch plays, and become a master of time manipulation. Be unpredictable, disruptive, and always one step ahead of the enemy.

2. Yorick -Splitpush relentlessly with your ghouls, take down towers with ease, and use your ultimate as a global teleport or engage tool. Coordinate with your team to apply pressure on multiple fronts.

3. Nunu & Willump -Boost your team's attack speed with your E, use your ultimate to gank or initiate, and become a surprisingly disruptive tank with your snowball and consume. Play aggressively and snowball your team to victory.

4. Taric -Play around a hyper-carry like Yi, buff them with your ultimate and spells, and become their unkillable bodyguard. Master your stun-lock combo and peel for your carry like a true champion.

5. Singed -Proxy farm early, constantly chip towers with your poison, and surprise enemies with ultimate ganks or objective steals. Play around your team and use your poison clouds strategically.

URF Tier F Champions

In the whirlwind of URF, even the mightiest can fall. Tier F champions inhabit the realm of the truly unfortunate, struggling to find a foothold in the fast-paced, ability-spamming madness. While they may not climb the leaderboards or break win streaks, these underdogs deserve some love too. So, let's delve into the challenges they face and embrace the unconventional fun they can offer:

Why Tier F?

  • URF-Averse Kit -Imagine trying to poke with Heimerdinger's turrets against Vayne's infinite tumble or trying to land skillshots with Ryze's slow projectiles. Their abilities simply can't keep up with the URF tempo.
  • Resource Dependence -Think mana-hungry champions like Ryze or Orianna, constantly struggling to fuel their spells in a world where cooldowns are practically non-existent.
  • Vulnerability to All -They get bullied mercilessly by the top tiers. Think Zilean trying to chronoshift away from Malphite's unstoppable charge or Singed's slow poison cloud getting evaporated by Tristana's endless jumps.

Tier F Fun Champions Examples

1. Zilean -Master the art of chronoshift trolling. Save teammates from danger, teleport enemies into funny situations, and use your ultimate for unexpected engages or escapes. Become the time-bending prankster of the game.

2. Ryze -Build tanky with Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen, spam your Q for constant area slow, and become a hilarious, unkillable nuisance. Run around slowing everyone and disrupting teamfights with your E.

What Is URF?

URF, short for Ultra Rapid Fire, is a special game mode in League of Legends that dials everything up to 11.Imagine frantic action, ability spam on steroids, and champions zipping around the map like hyperactive caffeinated bees. Buckle up, because URF is a whirlwind of pure, unadulterated fun.

URF's Origins

It all started in April 2014 as an April Fool's Day joke. Riot Games introduced a game mode where cooldowns were slashed, mana and energy costs became a distant memory, and champions moved like rocket-powered gazelles. The community went wild for it. What was supposed to be a fleeting prank became a fan favorite, eventually earning its place as a recurring game mode.

What Exactly Makes URF Different?

Special Features -URF throws in some extra twists to keep things spicy. Champions gain bonus movement speed, death timers are significantly reduced, and there are even special events like snowballs raining down from the sky. Be prepared for anything and everything!

No More Resource Worries -Mana? Energy? What are those? URF throws resource limitations out the window. Cast your abilities with reckless abandon, unleash your full potential without holding back, and bask in the glorious freedom of limitless spellcasting.

Cooldowns? What Cooldowns? -Forget about agonizing cooldowns. In URF, they're practically non-existent. Throw out your ultimate every few seconds, unleash your signature combo on repeat, and laugh in the face of mana bars.

Hyper Speed -Gone are the days of sluggish farming and careful spell usage. In URF, your abilities fire almost as fast as you can click, turning champions into perpetual spell-slinging machines. Lux lasers become light shows, Malphite charges become unstoppable blitzes, and Tristana jumps become an interstellar tour.

How Does URF Differ From Standard League Gameplay?

  • The Importance of Fun -While winning is always nice, URF is primarily about letting loose and having a blast. Embrace the absurdity, experiment with silly strategies, and laugh off those hilarious deaths.
  • Champion Choice -Not all champions thrive in the URF chaos. Some become unstoppable gods, while others become squishy targets waiting to be obliterated. Finding the right champion and mastering their rapid-fire potential is key to URF success.
  • The Pace -Forget about strategic lane freezes and calculated ganks. URF is all about balls-to-the-wall aggression. Teamfights erupt at the speed of light, objectives crumble in seconds, and champions zip around the map like greased lightning. Prepare for a constant adrenaline rush.

URF Tier List - Takeaway

Best ufr champions tier list
Best ufr champions tier list

The URF tier listserves as a guide, but remember, it's far from a rigid rulebook. The beauty of URF is its diversity and room for experimentation.

Key Points

1. Tier placement isn't a death sentence -Even Tier C or D champions can shine with the right strategy and a bit of cheese. Think Singed's proxy farm dominance or Zilean's chronoshift shenanigans.

2. URF synergy trumps raw power -Champions who capitalize on cooldown reductions, spammable abilities, or unique interactions with URF mechanics can outperform high-tier tanks or assassins. Think Nami's constant slows or Ziggs' relentless poke.

3. Mastering unconventional playstyles can unlock hidden potential -Don't just follow the meta. Try playing supports in aggressive roles, tanks as splitpushers, or mages as ultimate-powered gankers. The possibilities are endless!

4. Embrace the fun factor -URF is about laughing, experimenting, and enjoying the absurdity. Don't get discouraged by tier rankings. Pick a champion you love, unleash your creativity, and watch the madness unfold.

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