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8 Best Wrong Ways To Play GTA 5

However, some ways of playing the game must be recommended, and they might even be considered the incorrect approach. While the developers want you to enjoy yourself, they also have specific suggestions on how to do it.

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8 Best Wrong Ways To Play GTA 5

GTA, or Grand Theft Auto series, is a world-famous game. The game has a higher degree of freedom with unique ways of having fun naturally. However, some ways of playing the game must be recommended, and they might even be considered the incorrect approach. While the developers want you to enjoy yourself, they also have specific suggestions on how to do it. Let's explore 8 best wrong ways to play GTA 5.

Only Online

GTA 5 boasts a thriving online mode with numerous activities for your personalized character to establish a reputation. Many players are deeply immersed in GTA's online world, and various role-play communities exist to join. However, it's essential to immerse yourself in the game's storyline at some point. Grand Theft Auto is famous for dramatic and captivating narratives, making it more exceptions than others.

Comforting Playthrough

Combat is a significant element of GTA 5's storyline, and although some battles are essential for the game's advancement, you can opt for a less violent approach. Achieving a complete pacifist playthrough is not feasible, but making a conscious effort to avoid killing anyone outside of a few main story missions is doable. However, it's worth noting that GTA 5 has always emphasized combat, whether hand-to-hand, gunfights, or vehicle skirmishes, and you will inevitably encounter confrontations along the way.

Doing No Crime

This approach to playing GTA 5 might be the most challenging, but better ways exist. After all, your character is a bank robber by nature. While there are various ways to earn a living in the vast San Andreas region, only some are legal. The main story involves bank heists and acts of violence, and even side quests and general gameplay often require you to engage in unlawful activities. It can be challenging to be so ruthless, but it's undeniably the game's central theme.

Reality Mode

GTA 5, while fairly realistic at times, can be taken to an even greater level of realism, whether through your gameplay style or mods. Achieving realism in the game varies in difficulty. In GTA 5, it's a mixed experience. Mods offer lifelike gunfights, injuries, enhanced driving mechanics, and AI adjustments. However, you can also opt for a more realistic approach without mods. Playing this way can be more challenging, so there are other ways to experience the game.

Side-Quests Only

GTA 5 offers a plethora of quests to keep you occupied beyond the main storyline, showcasing the vibrant lives of its characters. Exploring the lives of the three protagonists, Trevor's encounters with shady individuals, Michael's family troubles, or Franklin's repo jobs can be enjoyable and provide insights into their backgrounds. However, it's advisable to immerse yourself in their primary roles as bank robbers eventually. While many intriguing side quests exist to delve into character development, the main storyline is undeniably the game's primary focus.

Become A Serial Killer

Although combat and criminal activities play a significant role in the game, GTA 5 also encourages you to exercise restraint. The wanted system can be unforgiving for those who push the limits in Los Santos. Going on a rampage can be tempting and even fitting for Trevor's character, but the game will penalize you for such actions, resulting in financial losses over time. This money could otherwise be spent on acquiring various exciting items and assets.

Become An NPC

The NPCs in GTA 5 are remarkably detailed, often continuing their daily routines even amidst your wild adventures. It's tempting to want to blend in with the bustling city, whether by becoming a taxi driver, helicopter pilot, or armored car driver. These roles can provide extra income between heists, but better long-term approaches to playing the game exist. Let the NPCs be NPCs, as GTA 5 offers a much more exciting experience when you embrace its core gameplay.

Drive Normally

Since the inception of GTA, some players have experimented with driving like a law-abiding citizen, which can be entertaining for a while but needs to be more optimal to enjoy the game. In GTA 5, there are numerous situations where reckless driving is the name of the game.

After all, it's called Grand Theft Auto for a reason. While speeding, ignoring traffic signals, and colliding with other vehicles are no-nos in real life, they can often be the most effective means of navigating the city in many in-game scenarios.

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