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Blue Archive Tier List - Best Characters Ranked (March 2024)

Unlock the ultimate power with our exclusive blue archive tier list! Dive into a gaming experience like never before as we reveal the top-tier characters and strategies. Elevate your gameplay and dominate the competition.

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  1. What Is Blue Archive?
  2. Blue Archive Tier List Ranking Meaning
  3. Blue Archive Characters Tier List
  4. How Did We Create This Blue Archive Tier List?
  5. Blue Archive Best Characters
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Blue Archive Tier List - Best Characters Ranked (March 2024)

Unlock the ultimate power with our exclusive blue archive tier list! Dive into a gaming experience like never before as we reveal the top-tier characters and strategies. Elevate your gameplay and dominate the competition.

What Is Blue Archive?

Blue archive game characters
Blue archive game characters

Genre -Blue Archive is a mobile gamethat blends elements of tactical role-playing game (RPG) with gacha mechanics and a slice-of-life narrative. Think XCOM meets Azur Lane with a dash of schoolgirl anime.

Storyline -You play as a newly appointed advisor to the Schale Academy, a haven for students with unique abilities. However, this academy is no ordinary school. It's riddled with factions, rivalries, and mysterious incidents that threaten peace.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Turn-based combat -Command a squad of up to six students (four Strikers and two Specials) on a grid-based battlefield.
  • Character roles -Strikers deal damage, Specials provide buffs and debuffs, Tanks soak up hits, and Healers keep your team alive.
  • Skill activation -Use each student's unique skills strategically to control the battlefield, trigger combos, and achieve victory.
  • Gacha system -Collect students and equipment through a gacha system fueled by in-game currency or real-world purchases.
  • Resource management -Upgrade your students, their skills, and their equipment to maximize their effectiveness.

Unique Features

  • Charming cast -Each student has their own personality, backstory, and special abilities, making them feel more than just gacha fodder.
  • Vibrant world -Kivotos City is a bustling metropolis with distinct districts, each with its own atmosphere and challenges.
  • Multiple game modes -Story missions, raids, PvP battles, and events offer diverse gameplay experiences.
  • Character interactions -Bond with your students through conversations, dorm visits, and special events, unlocking new dialogue and character development.

Development And Popularity

  • Developed by Nexon Games, a Korean studio known for games like MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter Online.
  • Released in 2021 for iOS and Android, initially in Japan and later globally.
  • Gained popularity for its unique blend of tactical RPG gameplay, charming characters, and engaging story.
  • Active and passionate community on social media and forums, with fan art, guides, and discussions galore.

Blue Archive Tier List Ranking Meaning

'Blue archive tier list' written, Blue archive game characters in the background
'Blue archive tier list' written, Blue archive game characters in the background

In Blue Archive tier lists, characters are ranked based on their overall effectiveness and usefulness in combat, taking into account their:

1. Damage Output -How much damage they can deal and their consistency in doing so. This is especially important for Strikers.

2. Utility -Their ability to support the team through buffs, debuffs, healing, crowd control, and other unique skills. Important for both Specials and Strikers.

3. Survivability -Their ability to stay alive and take hits, relevant for tanky Specials.

4. Versatility -How well they fit into different team compositions and adapt to various scenarios.

Breakdown Of The Tiers And Their Meaning

  • SS-Tier -Absolute powerhouses that dominate in most situations. They offer exceptional damage, utility, and/or survivability, making them highly desirable for all content.
  • S-Tier -Top-tier characters that excel in their roles and significantly contribute to success. They might not be as universally strong as SS-Tier, but still offer tremendous value.
  • A-Tier -Solid performers that are reliable and valuable assets to any team. They might not be the best in their role, but still offer good damage, utility, or survivability.
  • B-Tier -Average characters that can be useful in specific situations or with investment. They may lack the raw power or versatility of higher tiers, but can still fill niche roles.
  • C-Tier -Characters that struggle to compete with others in their role. They may require considerable investment to be impactful or only function in very specific scenarios.

It's important to note that tier lists are not absolutes. The actual effectiveness of a character can vary depending on:

  • Team composition -Characters work better with certain teammates than others. Synergy plays a big role.
  • Game mode -Certain characters excel in specific modes like raids or PvP, while others shine in general PvE content.
  • Equipment and investment -Higher tiers often require more resources to unlock their full potential.

Blue Archive Characters Tier List

Blue archive character tier list
Blue archive character tier list

Tier lists are subjective and can vary depending on individual playstyle, team composition, and game mode. Use this as a general guide, not a definitive ranking.


  • Himari -Unmatched AoE damage and self-sustain through healing.
  • Ako -Top-tier tank with invincibility and massive taunting.
  • Iroha -High single-target burst damage and utility with defense reduction.
  • Ui -Outstanding single-target DPS with stacking buffs and debuffs.


  • Karin -High AoE physical damage with piercing and crit boosts.
  • Mashiro (Swimsuit) -Powerful AoE magic damage with self-buffing and healing.
  • Saki -Excellent healer with resurrection and AoE buffs.
  • Shizuko -Strong tank with AoE taunting and self-heal.
  • Airi -Versatile support with defense buffs, AoE heals, and damage mitigation.
  • Ayane -Powerful healer with single-target buffs and status cleansing.
  • Hanako -High single-target physical damage with piercing and evasion.
  • Utaha -Consistent burn damage and defense debuffing.


  • Haruna -Reliable single-target burst damage and buffs.
  • Hibiki -Strong AoE magic damage with stacking debuffs.
  • Nodoka (Hot Spring) -Versatile healer with buffs and enemy debuffs.
  • Koharu -Balanced tank with good evasion and defense buffs.
  • Serina (Christmas) -Single-target healing and offensive buffs.
  • Kotama -AoE buff support with crit chance and damage increases.
  • Haruka -Decent AoE magic damage with self-buffs and enemy debuffs.
  • Natsu -Good single-target physical damage with crit increase.
  • Miyako -Consistent AoE magic damage with enemy debuffs.


  • Eimi -Single-target magic damage with self-buffs and enemy debuffs.
  • Mutsuki -AoE physical damage with good survivability.
  • Serika -AoE magic damage with enemy debuffs, requires precise positioning.
  • Tsurugi -Balanced tank with self-heal and defense buffs.
  • Fuuka -Single-target healer with buffs and crowd control.
  • Sumire -AoE physical damage with enemy debuffs, falls off late-game.
  • Mashiro -Single-target magic damage, overshadowed by Swimsuit variation.
  • Suzumi -Support with evasion buffs and enemy debuffs, niche use.
  • Neru -Tank with AoE taunting, outclassed by Ako and Shizuko.


Characters in this tier typically struggle to compete with others in their roles or require significant investment. They may have niche uses or excel in specific scenarios.

How Did We Create This Blue Archive Tier List?

Creating a comprehensive and accurate Blue Archive tier list requires careful consideration of multiple factors, balancing objective data with subjective evaluations. Here's an overview of the methodology used in the previous list.

Data Driven Analysis

  • Base Stats -Characters' base attack, defense, HP, and other stats were analyzed to understand their raw potential.
  • Skill Analysis -Each character's skills were thoroughly analyzed, considering damage output, utility effects (buffs, heals, debuffs, etc.), synergy with other characters, and cooldown times.
  • Performance Benchmarks -Data compiled from community resources and in-game testing measured characters' damage output, survivability, and overall contribution to team success in various game modes.

Subjective Evaluation

  • Player Feedback -Surveys, forum discussions, and community guides provided valuable insights into player experiences with different characters, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and ideal team compositions.
  • Meta Analysis -The current game meta, dominant strategies, and popular team archetypes were factored in to assess individual characters' relevance and usefulness in the prevailing competitive landscape.
  • Balancing Act -While stats and damage numbers provided objective measures, subjective assessments considered factors like skill timing, ease of use, synergy with other units, and adaptability to different scenarios.

Comparison And Ranking

  • Tier Categories -Characters were initially grouped into broad categories based on their primary roles (Strikers, Specials, Tanks, Support) and subcategorized by damage type (Physical, Magic).
  • Intra-Tier Comparisons -Within each tier, characters were compared based on their individual strengths and weaknesses, taking into account the aforementioned factors.
  • Cross-Tier Comparisons -Top performers from lower tiers were compared to those in higher tiers to ensure accurate placement and avoid arbitrary tier gaps.
  • Iterative Process -The list was continuously reviewed and revised based on new data, community feedback, and evolving meta trends.

Transparency And Explanation

  • Each tier provided a concise overview of the characters it contained, highlighting their common traits and standout features. This allows players to understand the rationale behind the rankings and make informed decisions.
  • The list emphasized that it's a guide, not a definitive ranking. Individual playstyle, specific team comps, and chosen game modes can influence character choices, and players are encouraged to experiment and find what works best for them.

Blue Archive Best Characters

Blue archive game characters
Blue archive game characters

Let's dive deeper into the top-tier Blue Archive characters and what makes them truly shine:

SS-Tier Dominators


  • Stacking terror -Her buffs and debuffs stack with each other, creating an ever-growing damage avalanche.
  • Versatile assassin -Adapts to any team and excels against both single targets and groups.
  • Positioning and timing -Demands precise skill activation and good team synergy to maximize her potential.


  • One-shot wonder -Deals monstrous single-target burst damage, taking down priority targets with ease.
  • Defense shredder -Reduces enemy defense, boosting her own damage and opening opportunities for teammates.
  • Fragile flower -Lacks survivability and requires careful positioning to avoid getting nuked.


  • Impregnable wall -Boasts incredible defense and invincibility, drawing enemy fire and protecting teammates like a true guardian.
  • Taunt master -AoE taunts ensure enemies focus on her, giving your team breathing room and attacking freedom.
  • Limited AoE threat -Primarily focused on tanking, her own damage output is minimal.


  • Inferno incarnate -Unleashes devastating AoE fire damage while healing herself, making her a nigh-unstoppable DPS machine.
  • Self-sufficient goddess -Requires little support thanks to her innate healing, allowing her to slot seamlessly into any team.
  • Gear glutton -Demands high investment in equipment to reach her full potential, but rewards it handsomely.

S-Tier Superstars


  • Angel of life -Revives fallen allies and provides AoE heals, keeping your team in the fight.
  • AoE buffs -Enhances your team's attack and defense, further bolstering their survivability.
  • Equipment focus -Prioritize HP and healing-boosting gear to maximize her effectiveness.

Mashiro (Swimsuit)

  • Magic mayhem -Unleashes powerful AoE magic damage while healing herself and the team.
  • Buffing bonanza -Grants buffs to attack and magic defense, enhancing overall team performance.
  • Resource management -Requires careful skill usage to balance damage and healing.


  • Piercing princess -Melts through enemy defenses with high AoE physical damage and piercing bonuses.
  • Crit queen -Boosts her own and her team's crit rate, maximizing damage output.
  • Gear dependent -Needs good weapons and armor to pierce through challenging enemies.

Tips and Tricks

  • Himari -Pair her with tanks to protect her while she burns enemies to cinders. Focus on fire damage-boosting equipment.
  • Ako -Slot her in the front line and use her taunt strategically to control enemy aggro. Use defense-boosting gear to make her even more durable.
  • Iroha -Combine her with characters who can debuff enemy defense for maximum damage. Use her ultimate at the right moment to secure kills.
  • Ui -Practice timing her skills to stack buffs and debuffs effectively. Team her up with high-damage dealers to capitalize on her stacking effects.
  • Karin -Use her piercing buffs on allies with strong physical attacks. Equip her with crit-boosting gear for even more devastating hits.
  • Mashiro (Swimsuit) -Manage her skill cooldowns to maintain a balance between damage and healing. Use her buffs strategically to optimize team performance.
  • Saki -Prioritize reviving high-value characters like other top-tier units. Gear her for maximum HP and healing effectiveness.

Blue Archive Gacha Game Beginners Guide And Tips

Welcome to Schale Academy, Sensei! This guide will help you navigate the exciting (and sometimes frustrating) world of gacha and build a powerful squad in Blue Archive.

Starting Strong

  • Rerolling -It's tempting to jump right in, but consider rerolling your starting account to secure at least one top-tier student like Himari, Ako, or Iroha. Guides and tools online can help you with efficient rerolling methods.
  • Story Progression -Focus on clearing the main story to unlock features, earn resources, and level your students. Don't neglect daily and weekly missions for extra goodies.
  • Join a Guild -Guilds offer support, advice, and access to helpful features like Raid co-op. Find a welcoming guild that matches your playstyle.

Resources & Management

  • Pyroxene is king -This is the premium currency used for gacha pulls. Spend it wisely! Prioritize banners with strong featured students or limited-time events.
  • Don't waste Elephs -These fragments upgrade students' rarity. Save them for high-potential students you plan to invest in.
  • Gear matters -Upgrade your students' gear whenever possible. Prioritize equipment that matches their skill types and damage output.

Character Selection

  • Focus on synergy -Build teams with balanced roles - Strikers for damage, Specials for buffs and debuffs, Tanks for defense, and Healers for support. Choose students whose skills complement each other.
  • Don't chase tier lists -While helpful, tier lists aren't everything. Consider your playstyle and resources when choosing characters. A well-built lower tier student can outperform a neglected top-tier one.
  • Invest in your favorites -It's more fun to play with students you like! Don't be afraid to level them up and use them, even if they're not considered "meta."

General Strategies

  • Learn the elements -Enemy weaknesses based on elements like fire, water, and piercing are crucial for optimal damage. Build your teams accordingly.
  • Master the auto-battle -While manual skill timing is ideal, the auto-battle is your friend for farming and easier stages. Customize formations and skill sequences for efficiency.
  • Don't forget the shop -Use your Activity Points and other currencies to buy valuable resources like skill manuals and equipment blueprints.

Pitfalls To Avoid

  • Gacha frenzy -Don't spend all your Pyroxene on every banner. Save for strategically chosen pulls and avoid impulsive spending.
  • Ignoring character development -Leveling and equipping your students is crucial. Don't neglect them in favor of chasing new characters.
  • Being a lone wolf -Guilds offer immense benefits. Don't miss out on the support and community aspects of the game.

What Sets Blue Archive Apart?

Character-driven narrative, The slice-of-life elements and focus on individual student stories make it stand out from other tactical RPGs. Strategic depth, The turn-based combat offers a satisfying challenge, requiring thoughtful planning and skill usage.

Accessible gameplay, Easy to pick up and play, but with enough depth to keep veterans engaged. Constant updates, New content, characters, and events are added regularly, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

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